DownloadX ActiveX Download Control

Introducing DownloadX ActiveX Download Control (Download Manager)

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control is a free download manager tool that is used to download files from the internet or intranets. This tool was created in recognition of the fact that internet users often have difficulties when they want to download files from the web. There are so many nice things on the web including free games, software, books, videos, and so on, and which are available to anyone with a computer. A problem however arises when you are not able to download these items fast enough. Through the internet people can share lots of data that has to be uploaded and downloaded in form of files. DownloadX ActiveX Download Control is designed to make the downloading of these files as easy as possible by eliminating all the problems that can snag the process.

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DownloadX ActiveX Download Control

Most people wish they could download files faster than they do currently. Speed is a big issue because if your connection is rather slow then downloading considerably large files like games can take a lot of time. Some files are even larger – a movie can run in excess of 600MB; downloading such files can take even longer. Waiting for hours while downloading such files isn’t fun – you need a way to accelerate the process. ActiveX Download Control is capable of accelerating download speeds by splitting large files into separate streams and then downloading each simultaneously.

Another problem that DownloadX ActiveX Download Control fixes is that of interruptions. It does so in two ways. Firstly, by hastening the download it minimizes chances of the download getting interrupted. Clearly, a download lasting ten minutes is more susceptible to interruption than one lasting only a minute or two. Secondly, even in the event of an interruption it is possible to resume the download from where the process had reached, a huge improvement over the browser default systems that don't allow resumption of downloads. With most browsers, if anything goes wrong whilst you are downloading you lose the portion already downloaded and thus have to start the process afresh.

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control is very versatile. It can be used with any programming language including VB.NET, C#, C++, Delphi, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and Java. This download tool is able to support all major network protocols including HTTP, FTP/ FTPS, HTTPS, as well as proxy servers, and so all you need to do is specify the file you'd like to download and the process will start right away.